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  • Recruiter Spotlight: Cory Eustice

    Introducing District Manager, Cory Eustice:

    Cory specializes in placing developers who work with Microsoft technologies, especially dot net, C#, and SQL developers. He was recently promoted to manage our OC Workbridgeoffice after spending the last year in our LA office where he ran his own team.

    Cory understands the ins and outs of the technology market and his hard work made his promotion an easy choice.  Cory is outgoing and energetic, living by his motto of positive human emotion.

    Cory Eustice

    Cory is excited to be in Orange County because there has been a huge resurgence in the tech sector in the past few years!


    If you work with Microsoft technologies, Cory and his team can help place you in your dream job!
    How to Contact Cory:
    Phone: (949) 833-1300

  • LinkedIn Feedback in Philadelphia!

    It is wonderful to be able to get open and honest feedback from our clients and candidates. Conducting business in the age of technology and keeping active social media profiles is a great advantage.

    Negative criticisms are always an opportunity to learn and grow, but it's nice to get a little virtual pat on the back. Jose was an especially fantastic candidate to work with, and we are overjoyed that he had such a positive experience working with us too!

  • Tech in Motion: LA - Making its Mark

    Tech in Motion: LA has been hitting the mark when creating successful networking events.  It has been a great venue for creating and fostering relationships between techies, hiring managers and potential business partners and even just creating a forum for technology enthusiasts around LA to gather and meet each other. 

    We are always looking for great venues to sponsor the events at and create a fun atmosphere.  Check out the reviews we have received and stay tuned for our next event this summer!


  • Show & Tell: The Story Behind The Startup (Workbridge New York Event)

    Only 2 more days to go until the highly anticipated New York Startup event takes place at Pivotal Labs in Union Square! Startups such as, CityMaps and Voxy will be presenting their company from a technical stand point to a panelist of technical professionals who have worked with numerous successful startups.

    This event is also hosting a wine tasting prior to the presentations. Looking forward to seeing you all there!

    Story Behind The Startup Event


  • Workbridge New York Puts Up Big Numbers In June!

    We would like to take a moment to shout out the 28 candidates that were placed in the NY tech community this of today!

    That's a little more than 1 candidate placed with a new contract or fulltime position in our New York City office a day! If you didn't believe the saying #WorkbridgeWorks before hopefully news like this helps!

    Celebrating All The Placed Candidates

  • A Birthday with Elvis in Chicago

    Recently, our manager, Ryan Brittain got a very special birthday surprise. A very kind friend who had no intention of embarrassing him whatsoever - ahem - decided to give him the gift of music.

    That's right. A singing Elvis birthday-gram.

    Our Marketing Manager, Justin Miller happened to be visiting our Chicago office at the time and got in on some of the festivities.

    We had two candidates interviewing in our office and even they got to join in on the singing and laughter. Yes, lots of laughter. The best part was probably when Elvis dressed Ryan in some of his "special Elvis gear". He got an inflatable guitar, an awesome pair of sunglasses, and a scarf - all of which now sit in a box in our storage closet. I feel compelled to hang onto them incase we ever need to throw an Elvis party. Because you never know when you'll need a little Elvis in your life!

  • Awesome Review For Silicon Valley

    Want to know more about something, just Google it!! If you Google Workbridge San Jose, this is the type of information you will find out about us :) Oh and most importantly you can find out how to contact us to see how we can help with your job search.

    Google Review

  • Interview with Chicago's Tomas Ordonez

    Today we’re joined by Tomas Ordonez, the creator of Chicago’s Hackatrain event coming up on June 16. Tom is the co-founder of the amazon of aircraft parts for airlines and is an alumn of Code Academy Winter 2012.

    He co-founded Aeronautic Investments, an aviation parts distributor in Miami. Tom also works on, to educate entrepreneurs in lean development and Ruby On Rails. He organized the 1st Code Retreat in Miami gathering the software development leaders of the community.

    WB Chicago:Hi Tom, thanks for joining us today on the Workbridge blog. So the Hackatrain is an all-day event where coders ride the Chicago L while building applications. Is there a story behind how you came up with this idea?

    T.O: I started to code in my commute for a couple months. I commute on the Brown line from Lincoln Square to the loop.

    I would code as fast as I could before I had to put my computer away and get out of the train. Wifi was never an issue. If I really wanted to get online I would just use my phone as a hotspot.

    I also had to make sure my battery was charged. But this was not much of an issue either. My laptop goes for 3 hours if I am only coding.

    I started talking to developers and they said they code during their commute as well, both on a CTA train and the Metra.

    This is when I thought of the idea of bringing developers into a train to replicate the conditions of a commute. I am testing the idea that under pressure and with few resources you can produce some awesome stuff. 

    WB Chicago: For people interested in participating in the Hackatrain event, how would they go about it? Are there certain credentials someone should have in order to sign up?

    T.O: Participants come from all programming backgrounds. Java, C#, PHP, Ruby, Phyton, ObjectiveC, Rails and other languages.

    The Hackatrain is not your typical hackathon. It is not a competition or a challenge. It does not have judges. The Hackatrain proves that people can build code and awesome products while commuting.

    You can bring any project at any development stage. At other hackathons, people say you are not supposed to bring a developed project. The Hackatrain is the opposite. Bring anything. 

    The official tee-shirt of the Hackatrain. Get one when you sign up!

    WB Chicago: Hackatrain obviously makes me think of hacking, which can be seen by non-technical people as something very destructive and counterproductive. But this event is all about creating solutions to Chicago’s transit needs. What’s your opinion on the hacking stereotype and how would you respond to it in regards to the Hackatrain?

    T.O: Tuesday at NEOCON 2012 I met someone at lunch and I explained to her what a hackathon was. She didn't know because she works in a different industry. A hackathon comes from hack and marathon. The word hack is used to represent code to build software applications. A hackathon is a marathon of code. They come in all kind of shapes. 12 hours, 24, hours, at office space, at buses, even in trains!

    A hackathon brings software developers into one place to build software. It is a great way to learn from each other. Software development is a giant octopus with tentacles. There are too many things to learn and by building these types of events, you can bring developers from different backgrounds to learn from each other. Pete Morano from Hackatopia organizes a lot of these and developers learn a lot from them.

    I organized a similar event in Miami back in December of 2011. It had a similar theme but was more educational. It was called Code Retreat and was an original idea of Corey Haines from Chicago. He traveled all around the world teaching developers how to write better code.

    WB Chicago: I’ve battled my fair share of CTA problems, between over-crowded trains, phantom busses, and broken equipment. Do you see any of the teams in the Hackatrain coming up with solutions to these (or other) issues?

    T.O: There are a couple of teams who proposed some apps about the CTA:

    "Meetup inside the CTA train: Sit next to someone awesome". 

    I am very familiar with this situation. Even though I code a lot in the train now. Sometimes I wish to sit next to someone awesome to talk with. I tried doing this a couple of times and people look at me weird. Once I told a guy "Hey nice day uh?". He looked at me like he wanted to punch me. Once I asked a girl "How was your day?". She got up and changed seats. Most of the people commuting are attached to electronic devices. Maybe they need this communication channel to start a real life interaction.

    "FixmeCTA: Take pictures of broken stuff at CTA stations and report them"

    I think this idea is very cool. I looked around and the CTA does not have something like that. They could even use it internally to maintain the tracks and report back to their home base. Or just concerned commuters that would like to help the CTA. It would be like a crowdsourcing issue-reporting app.

    WB Chicago: In the end, what do you hope to achieve with his event?

    T.O: Keep on building the technical community in Chicago by enabling a place for people to learn from each other under extreme conditions: A moving train, with limited wifi and power. Prove that you can build awesome software while commuting.

    WB Chicago: After the Hackatrain, what’s next for you? Hackaplane? Hackaboat?

    T.O: Code On a Plane. I cannot use the hack word here for obvious reasons. :-)

    I already tested the idea and it can be done. I did it a few weeks ago on a business trip from Chicago to Mexico. I am thinking of doing a CodeaPlane that goes from Chicago to Miami to Sao Paulo. Have a big party there and then come back. Some people are already interested!

    Click Here to check out and sign up for the Hackatrain!

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