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  • Making Your Company Marketable to Top Talent

    Article by Felipe Estrela, Practice Manager in Workbridge Boston

    “A players hire other A players. B players higher C players,” states Micah Adler, CEO of Fiksu, on an episode of Dave Gerhardt’s, Tech in Boston, podcast. These words, spoken by Tech in Motion veterans, couldn’t be truer. Anyone currently in the technology industry will tell you that it is a candidate market. There are a plethora of positions and not nearly enough qualified tech professionals to fill them. It is more important than ever to market your company and make it more attractive to top engineers. 

    But how do you do that? How can you make your company more attractive to the top players in the market? Here are 3 easy ways to start. 

    1. Get your name out there! 

    Whether your company is active on social media, participating in meetups, or encouraging employees to share their work, there are options for every revenue bracket. A great place to start is simply building up a social media presence. Technologists live and breathe these platforms. Thus, it is important to engage with top engineers through online communities. Another option, if not too risky for operations, is allowing and encouraging your engineers to share their work and learn from others. Sites like Github and Stackoverflow can be a great way to engage the tech community, share ideas, and keep talented engineers in the know about what your company is working on. Lastly, sponsoring or participating in a local meetup, like Tech in Motion, is an amazing option. Getting your product or service in front of a technical audience can be a huge step towards increasing your employer branding. No other avenue will help increase viewership more than face time. 

    Looking for Top Tier Talent?

    2. Implement cutting edge technology! 

    Great engineers became great engineers by working with the best technology when it is new. Seek out new environments where your engineers will be exposed to the most relevant and exciting technology. A few that we, as a technical recruiting firm, have seen a lot of interest in include Node.JS, angular.js, AWS, GAE, django, MVC, puppet, and chef! Since the market is so candidate centric, “A players” are looking for opportunities where they will be challenged and buffering their skill set. Not to mention, this tactic won’t just attract talent but can help to retain it as well.

    3. Create a happy and healthy work culture! 

    Candidates get most excited about a company where they can picture themselves at. It’s important to introduce candidates to the team and hiring manager they would be working with directly early on in the interview process. Candidates who interact with their prospective manager early on always become more engaged through the interviewing and onboarding process. Additionally, the environment is equally as important as the team environment. Everyone loves perks! Whether they are aesthetic or monetary, a little bonus to the work life can really set you apart from other potential employers.  

    Attracting top talent requires a well-rounded strategy in today’s competitive market. Whether your company has acted on one or none of these tactics, it may be time to reassess your strategy. In doing so, you can reposition your company into the best hiring position possible. In this candidate centric market and ever-changing industry, it is important to factor employer branding into your business model. All of these strategies are certainly positive steps in achieving your ideal corporate image.

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