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  • Boston Success Story: Jamie Michalski

    Jamie Michalski is a man of many hats, but here at Workbridge Boston, we think the three coolest are developer, DJ, and recruiter Scott Lobdell’s first placement.

    (Scott, left, and Jamie, right)

    Jamie moved to Boston from Amesbury, MA, graduated from Boston University in ’05, and has been working in Quality Assurance ever since. Recently, he began to explore the development side of things. When he decided to continue pursuing development, he came to Workbridge.

    Over the past twelve years, Jamie has gone by the alias “DJ Die Young” by night—something he’s kept somewhat of a secret from his employers until he was named “Boston’s Best DJ” by the Improper Bostonian. Twice.  

    Scott Lobdell, a fairly new recruiter and electronic music enthusiast, was more than happy to work with Jamie. “Scott was highly responsive and kept me completely informed about the process. He was incredibly friendly and never made me feel pressured,” says Jamie.

    Scott placed Jamie with a global water, environment, transportation, energy and facilities firm, where he felt Jamie would be a fantastic fit. Jamie says he’s excited to continue becoming experienced in this field, and to be working for such a prestigious global company with “a small but intelligent team of developers.”

    “Workbridge was professional when it came to the hiring process. Everyone was laid back and made you feel comfortable with working with them.”

    – Jamie Michalski


  • Orange County Youtube Video

    Meet Jon, a candidate placed by Cory Eustice, sharing his success story about working withWorkbridge Orange County. It was a pleasure working with Jon and we were so happy to help him out finding his dream job after his move to Orange County.

    We're always thrilled when one of our candidates have such a positive experience that they feel like sharing the way Jon did. As Cory always says, recruiting "is all about positive human interactions."

    Want to hear more of Cory's idioms? Check out his twitter @coryeustice

  • 5 Star Review For Workbridge New York

    At Workbridge NYC we love getting your feedback, and we especially love when it's positive! Check out what Chris had to say about the time he worked with us:

    5 Star Review

    Tim and Blake made quite the impact on Christopher's experience with Workbridge NY! It's all because we LOVE what we do! We thoroughly enjoyed working with you to find your new job Christopher! Enjoy!

  • A Yummy "Thank You" In NYC

    Drew Sussberg is "THE MAN" when it comes to placing TOP tech professionals in the greater NYC area with new jobs that they love!Drew's Fruit Basket

    With 11 happy candidates placed so far this month (and counting) the Workbridge NY team aren't the only ones that find his work ethic and "piece of cake" attitude in regards to helping tech professionals find their dream jobs highly admirable! Drew is attentive, hard-working and absolutely determined to give every candidate that walks into our office the BEST experience they could get from a staffing firm.

    I think it's safe to say that this guy is one of, if not the TOP recruiter in NYC! See what he's up to and what moves he's making by connecting with him on LinkedIn.

    Thanks to one VERY happy candidate that was placed with a new job, Drew received his very own fruit basket filled with delicious treats as a "Thank You!"

  • Boston Success Story: Evan


    When we saw that Evan Davis’s resume included “grilled meat,” we knew we had to place him somewhere awesome that would suit him just right.

    Evan and his recruiter Abby Rose

    A mid-westerner, Evan’s gone from his native Wisconsin to Boston and from product support to agency. While he’s “learned a ton from each experience,” he thinks he’s finally found the perfect fit thanks to Workbridge Boston!

    Referred to Workbridge by past candidates, Evan says we can really give ourselves a pat on the back. As soon as recruiter Abby Rose told him about the job opportunity, he explains, “I knew this was what I was going to do. I think we both knew right away this was going to happen.”

    Evan is now officially the new Senior Engineer at an amazing start-up, which provides high-quality educational content to students for free.  He can’t wait to get started there, where he says “Within ten minutes of talking to the CTO on the phone, [the deal] was sealed.”

     “This is the first recruiter that’s actually seemed like they understand what I do and what I want to do.” – Evan

  • NYC Success Story

    This afternoon we had the pleasure of congratulating Ely on his new tech position in NYC! Ely came into our office last Wednesday and was offered a new positon Wednesday of this week!

    That's only 5 business days from when he walked into our office! Our Open-Source team got him out on interviews back to back from the day he met with the team.

    NYC Success

    Drew Sussberg was ultimately able to help place Ely in a company whose culture and passion for technology was EXACTLY what Ely was looking for. We're rooting him on and wishing him all the BEST in his new position! #WorkbridgeWorks

  • Success Story: Andrew Rabon

    Today, one of our talented candidates Andrew got placed after less than two weeks of Working with Workbridge Boston!

    A Connecticut native, Andrew was called out to Boston for a job opportunity in January. That was when he “kinda sorta put the college stuff on hold” to pursue a career in Web Development.

    In June, he decided to pursue independent projects while seeking other employment, and soon enough, our Brian Jenkins contacted him to lend a hand. “I’m not even sure how he found me,” says Andrew. Ah, the mysteries and magic of Workbridge.

    Andrew explained that “Before all this, [he] had only taken one computer science class in high school.” While we’re sure that one class breeds geniuses left and right, most of his expertise lies in HTML/CSS, which was almost entirely self-taught.

    Now that Andrew’s been placed with a company that offers flexible hours, he’ll be able to continue work on his own projects, “and that’s really where all my knowledge comes from,” he says. And the job? “It seems really great. I had lunch with the CEO yesterday. They’re great people.” Good work, team!

    “It was pretty fast. That first day I came in I met with like three different people, which was pretty cool—and you! So it was great. Today I came in and it could’ve taken a lot longer than it did but Brian was pretty helpful.” - Andrew

  • LinkedIn Feedback in Philadelphia!

    It is wonderful to be able to get open and honest feedback from our clients and candidates. Conducting business in the age of technology and keeping active social media profiles is a great advantage.

    Negative criticisms are always an opportunity to learn and grow, but it's nice to get a little virtual pat on the back. Jose was an especially fantastic candidate to work with, and we are overjoyed that he had such a positive experience working with us too!

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