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  • Workbridge Recruiter Spotlight: Stephen Vaughan

    Steve Vaughan is Workbridge Boston's redheaded bundle of joy, and after two promotions within five weeks of each other, we thought he deserved to be featured here on our blog!

    Steve grew up in Rochester, NY and went on to attend St. Lawrence University as a double-major in Economics and Environmental Studies. There, he played sports and was Captain of the lacrosse team. He continues to play in a men's league now; in fact, he's got a big game tomorrow night - good luck, Steve! He also studied abroad in Nairobi, Kenya and Prague, Czech Republic. Otherwise, he loves water skiing, fishing, hunting, and all that good outdoorsy stuff. Steve says he is "a dedicated hard worker," and is "learning how to Tweet."

    Steve got started here at Workbridge after he saw former classmate and current fellow recruiter Abby Rose post about an opening on LinkedIn. He'd always targeted Boston as a place to live, and by September 2011, he was a recruiter too. "I think [since then] I've matured in a professional setting and have formed lifelong relationships here," says Steve. He's also placed eight happy candidates in jobs, including some at "a bunch of really cool startups that are super passionate about what they do and all have their own unique way of changing the world." 

    "The most rewarding thing about placing candidates is when, after one month, they call and tell you how much they love what they’re doing, where they’re working, what they’re working with, and thank you again. There’s nothing more rewarding than putting someone in a place that they’re excited to show up to every day." - Steve Vaughan

  • Success Story: Andrew Rabon

    Today, one of our talented candidates Andrew got placed after less than two weeks of Working with Workbridge Boston!

    A Connecticut native, Andrew was called out to Boston for a job opportunity in January. That was when he “kinda sorta put the college stuff on hold” to pursue a career in Web Development.

    In June, he decided to pursue independent projects while seeking other employment, and soon enough, our Brian Jenkins contacted him to lend a hand. “I’m not even sure how he found me,” says Andrew. Ah, the mysteries and magic of Workbridge.

    Andrew explained that “Before all this, [he] had only taken one computer science class in high school.” While we’re sure that one class breeds geniuses left and right, most of his expertise lies in HTML/CSS, which was almost entirely self-taught.

    Now that Andrew’s been placed with a company that offers flexible hours, he’ll be able to continue work on his own projects, “and that’s really where all my knowledge comes from,” he says. And the job? “It seems really great. I had lunch with the CEO yesterday. They’re great people.” Good work, team!

    “It was pretty fast. That first day I came in I met with like three different people, which was pretty cool—and you! So it was great. Today I came in and it could’ve taken a lot longer than it did but Brian was pretty helpful.” - Andrew

  • Workbridge Recruiter Spotlight: Felipe Estrela

    Last Friday, lead recruiter Felipe Estrela celebrated his two-year anniversary here at Workbridge Boston, and with that, his 30th placement-- and he's no where near finished.

    This week, he, his pink shirt, and his smile were well-prepared for the Recruiter Spotlight.

    Felipe was born and raised in Somerville, MA before attending Connecticut College. Between then and now, he lived in Taiwan for a year and South Korea for two, and taught English in both countries. He also got married, came to Workbridge, and is now a father of twins. It's been a crazy time for Felipe, to say the least. "I'm excited! I got this job [two years ago] and have been excited and enthusiastic about it ever since," he exclaims.

    Since coming to Workbridge, Felipe feels that he's become "a lot more responsible, a lot more organized, and a lot more confident."

    On the .NET team, Felipe works with "definitely really cool companies," clients ranging from Fortune 500's all the way to small start-ups. And while he loves helping clients bulild their companies further, Felipe feels that the most rewarding thing about his job is finding candidates new opportunities. His goal for this year is to accomplish thirty more placements in this year alone. "I set those goals for myself, absolutely. I'm looking onward and upward," he concludes.

    "This is a big deal because these are their lives; these are their jobs. I placed a guy who was moving here from Iran, and he was able to get his whole family here, buy a car, get an apartment... he was able to do all that because I was able to find him his new job, that he loves. I love helping people." - Felipe Estrela

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