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  • Workbridge Network Infrastructure Team Hard at Work in Boston

    World, meet Workbridge Boston's NINjas.

    This team is brand spanking new, but even at only a couple weeks-old, they're already placing job-seekers! It's easy to see how: they're hard-working and dedicated. Our marketing specialist stood in front of them for a good minute before realizing they probably weren't going to look up. Then she decided to shoot the photo anyway.

    (Clockwise, from bottom left: Practice Manager Andrew Slepitza, Kevin McCarthy, Michael Spurgeon, and Brad Ramsdell)


    Good luck team NIN!

  • Workbridge Success Story: Shalom

    It's time to say Shalom to Shalom, one of Workbridge Boston's most hillarious recent candidates.


    Where we would usually begin with a brief introduction to who exactly our candidate is, when we ask Shalom to tell us his life story-- he says, "I’m Shalom, I’m a nice guy, and I’m not single. I'm Enthusiastic. Energetic."


    And that he is! Shalom is pictured above with Alex Hoge, our MWD Practice Manager who placed him in his new job at an organization with a great cause. As we take the photo,  Alex asks, "Should I put my arm around you for the picture?" to which Shalom replies, "My wife might not like it!" So Alex refrains. 


    It's Shalom's booming personality that caused him to seek a new job to begin with: he says he's looking forward to finally "be some place where I can be a part of something rather than just behind a desk doing my job." He feels that his new employer will allow him to contribute his enthusiasm, and he's excited about that, too! What else is he excited for? “I’m excited because the culture they have it’s a fit." He feels that the organization's culture, vision, and direction are in line with his own. To end, Shalom exclaims, "I'm excited!"


    My experience [with Workbridge Boston] was very welcoming. Everyone was very concise and to the point. Conversation with them was always nice, they were always forthcoming with information, and I felt I was working with a very energetic group who had me in mind all the time.” - Shalom


  • Workbridge Success Story: Justin


    Flawless. It was completely smooth and flawless.” Those were Justin's only words when asked to describe his week-and-a-half-long-experience working with Workbridge Boston.

    Justin is originally from Connecticut, but is moving up to Boston from Delaware to work at the software company where our Steve Vaughan placed him. "I’m glad to be coming closer to home," he says. "That was a big motivator for me. I missed family; I’m a tight-knit family person. It really is changing my whole life." Justin explains that coming back into New England with a great new position and lots of new challenges will be a great opportunity to learn a ton and really move along in his career. 

    Justin is a long time open-sourcerer (!), and has been doing software dev and analytics system administration  for about ten years. With experience like that, Justin couldn't help but crave for some new challenges. He tells it like it happened: "I called you guys, and you set me up with a bunch of interviews really quickly, and one and a half weeks later I got an offer! So—really fast."

    Congratulations Justin, and welcome home to New England!

    "I was kind of skeptical at first just because I’d never worked with a recruiter before, but it was a really good experience and it was awesome. I’d highly recommend you guys to just about anybody." - Justin W.



  • @HeadstandAbby: Helping Jobseekers While Becoming a Boston Icon

    We are about to blow every other "Recruiter Spotlight" out of the water with this one!
    Today, our very own Abby Rose was featured on the front page of Boston Innovation as @HeadstandAbby.

    From the article:

    If you happen to see a girl just casually doing a head stand in front of a known Boston landmark, don’t be alarmed, it’s just Headstand Abbey adding to her collection of spots where she has done the Olympic-style move.

    Already up to about eight posts, “Headstand Abby” asks followers on Twitter to tell her where they would like to see her stand on her head. Then she snaps a photo, Instagrams it, and tweets it back out on the social network.

    “I do headstands, in obscure places around #Boston. Have an idea for a headstand location? Tweet it!,” Abby says in her profile.

    Our business is about relationships. It's important that we know our clients, but we feel it's also important to show you all the different and interesting personalities that work for us as well. Although doing headstands in random places in Boston may be quirky, Abby is one of the best we have in Boston and a truly valued member of our team.

    We know that if you work with her team you're in good hands. Who knows, if she can get you a job maybe she'll do a headstand for you!

    Read the rest of the article here


  • Workbridge Success Story: Bobbie

    This week, recruiter Leah Chamberlin placed her first Candidate, Bobbie, at a fantastic new job that he says will literally change his life-- and it all happened within 56 hours.

    Bobbie was a business major in college when he took a single programming class, and that was when, he says, "it clicked." He's been working with software ever since, and says that he doesn't move jobs very often, but when he does, he tries "to make a good bump: in position, responsibility, and money." Thanks to Workbridge Boston, he hit the trifecta.

    Bobbie will be working for a high-grade fixed-income customized separate account managerial company right in the Financial District. He says, "I wasn't going to move unless I found something good to move to. I came in here to apply for one, ended up applying for two others, and got hired within 56 hours."

    It turns out that this job offer will change the course of Bobbie and his family's life. "My fiance and I had a life plan we were working towards where I was going to get a better paying job that would cover her salary as well, so she could quit and go to law school. Now she can do that, and we're working for a better life."

    Congratulations, Bobbie! We wish you the best.

    "This is the first recruiting firm I’ve worked with where I’ve actually met the people who would be hiring me, and where the recruiters actually work together to bring multiple opportunities to a potential employee rather than putting him in a shoot for one job. Workbridge was much more involved than any other firm I’ve ever worked with." -- Bobbie S.

  • Meet TJ: Our Newest Recruiter in Boston

    This week, we were thrilled to add Nurudeen Tijani, a.k.a. TJ,  to our Workbridge Boston family!

    TJ was born in Lagos, Nigeria, and raised in Accra, Ghana, before moving to Worcester when he was thirteen years-old. In high school, he joined the Airforce ROTC Program, which he feels instilled a competitive nature in him. He says, "We did a lot of National and local competition, so I got the most out of it and learned how to set a goal, work towards it, and stay competitive."

    Though TJ initially wanted to be a pilot, he became fascinated by the business world and ultimately went on to Daniel Webster College in Nashua, NH, to study Management and Information Systems and Technology, a background that has drawn him to Workbridge.

    TJ's says his objectives within the next 30 – 90 days are to "learn as much as I can, add to the team, and really get good at this business, so ultimately I can be in a leadership role." Not surprising, since his personal philosophy is to work hard, try everything, and expect to fail, because you can only grow from it. He's a great advocate for personal development and self-growth, but he says he "love[s] teams too!" Other recruiters better watch out though, 'cause TJ's got a competitive edge and we're sure he'll be placing candidates left and right.

    Welcome, TJ!

    "The support system in training that Workbridge has in place is essential to give people the practical side of recruitment as well as the theoretical and academic side, so they can have both aspects to build core skills and ultimately develop more skills within the recruiting role." - T.J. Tijani

  • A Fish Called Barbara?

    There's a love affair going on at the Workbridge Boston office...

    ... between a recruiter named Abby, and her fish, Barbara.


    Barbara's originally from Hawaii, but she found her first home in Dorchester, MA. Then, in May, the fateful day came when she was bought by Abby and taken to Workbridge Boston to be our Mascot.

    Recruiter Brian Jenkins named her Barbara, after his first love.

    Barb weighs .07 ounces and eats ferociously. When she's lucky, she gets Blood Worms as treats. Truly an amazing girl, Barbara's interests include marbles, software developers, and coding in Fishy++, a highly functional programming language.

    Come into the Workbridge Boston office soon (545 Boylston St., Suite 602) and meet Barbara yourself! Abby might even let you feed her.


  • Boston Office Hosts Largest Event in Company Yet!

    Last week, Boston Tech hosted Workbridge’s largest event to date. With more than 300 RSVPs, “Big Data in the Real World” and speaker Sébastien Rainville attracted quite a crowd—almost 200 people were in attendance at the Microsoft NERD Center in Cambridge, MA.

    If you missed @WorkbridgeMA’s live tweets, here are some photos of the meet up:



    Earlybirds networking and chowing down on delicious slices of pizza from The Upper Crust.



    Graeme Noseworthy of IBM with his awesome Big Data Infographic, which you can downloadfor yourself in high resolution! You can follow Graeme on Twitter @graemeknows.



    Students Nick & Mike enjoy pizza and chat before the session begins.



    Recruiters Steve Vaughan and Drew Angers chatting up a group at the Workbridge Boston "booth!"



    Here is Sébastien Rainville talking about Big Data to the crowd. Rainville is the VP of Engineering at Hopper, a travel search engine launching soon.



    The crowd spilled up the stairs...



    And onto the balcony!



    Workbridge recruiters watched from the side lines.



    And did we mention the amazing view?


    We can't wait to host the next BOSTON TECH event soon!

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