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  • Workbridge Boston at Google Developers' Group DART Meetup

    Last night some folks from Workbridge Boston attended a great Google Developers' Group meetup about DART: a new structured programming language for the web. Andrew Mouravski, Google Dart Developer, gave a presentation about the new language and hosted a Q&A session with attendees.

    It was exciting to hear about the new language and learn more about it's usage and capabilities. 

    (Organizer Steve Patterson introducing the presentation)

    We want to say thank you to Google Developers' Group for hosting such a nice event and allowing us to co-sponsor the evening. We look forward to future meetups with you! 

    The recruiters here at Workbridge Boston pride themselves on staying up to date on the latest technologies and attending these events to learn more. Be sure to check out our meetup: Tech in Motion Boston for exciting tech news and our latest events!  

  • Workbridge Night Out!

    Workbridge Boston has a new addition to the team, our new Marketing Specialist Alyssa!

    Mandy from our sister company in New York was kind enough to come visit and show her the ropes. It was Mandy's first visit to Boston so the Workbridge family decided to show her all that Boston has to offer. 

    First, we went to the Top of the Hub to show her the spectacular views of the city. 

    Gillie, Mandy, Alyssa (left to right)

    After that, we headed over to Sweetwater Cafe for a fun night out with our sister company. After working hard all week, it was nice to take a break to get together and catch up.  

    We love to connect so be sure to follow us on Twitter and check out our Tech in Motion page for great tech events!

  • Workbridge Boston Welcomes Best Buddies Massachusetts!

    It was a day we were looking forward to for a while, but a few Fridays ago we welcomed the crew from Best Buddies into our office for an afternoon of resume critiquing, interview advice, and good times.

    Best Buddies is a terrific organization dedicated to establishing a global volunteer movement that creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships, integrated employment and leadership development for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

    Aside from the Buddies, we also invited the Best Buddies staff in to discuss business development strategies that we employ every day, our President Matt Milano, even stopped by to talk shop!

    While the staff talked with Matt and our management team, our Lead Recruiters worked individually with the buddies to give them advice on everything from interview tactics, to resume revisions, to how to dress for success!

    After working with the buddies our recruiters brought them over to their desks to show them what they do every day, and the process they go through to help the job seekers they work with.

    We ended the day with some group photos and a pizza party!

    All in all it was a great experience for our team, we formed some great bonds with the buddies and hope to keep in touch with them to offer any more advice on the job search.

    To learn more about Best Buddies, please visit

    Or, follow Best Buddies Massachusetts on Twitter at @BestBuddiesMA

  • Friendly QA Job Seeker Lends a Hand

    Breaking news! Our .NET team is now placing job-seekers in Quality Assurance positions. We have a load of openings, and can't wait to bring in talented people to fill them!

    To learn a little bit more about what goes into QA, our new friend and candidate, Mihaela, came in and gave a little lesson to the team over lunch.

    Mihaela (above, in yellow) taught the .NET team different QA terms and what occurs in the QA life cycle.

    This information will be super helpful when matching candidates with the appropriate companies! Thanks Mihaela!

  • Boston Success Story: John

    John scored a job after just two weeks of Working with Workbridge and recruiter Steve Vaughan!

    (Left to Right: Steve Vaughan, John)

    John is a true success story: he was born a Vietnamese refugee seeking asylum on the Philippine Island of Palawan before moving to the United States, where he now has his dream job. 

    Steve placed John in a software developer position at a tech company that helps some of the world's largest retailers lower costs and increase revenue. What's he most excited for? "Ruby," he says. "That's the language they're using; it's going to be fun. It's like getting a new toy!"

     He even left us an awesome review on LinkedIn:

    Good luck, John, and congratulations!

    “It was awesome. It felt very personal having Steve call me every day--checking up, giving me pointers, telling me where to go I’m relatively new to the workforce so having someone hold my hand through the whole thing was great. Overall… I really liked working with you guys, and I already have people that I’m going to refer to you." - John 

  • Birthdays, Promotions, and Websites, Oh My!

    It has been a truly exceptional week here at Workbridge Boston. Not only did we celebrate the launch of our new website (check it out, it's super nifty!), have yet another successful event, place a job-seeker in a new job here and there, and finish out the quarter with a bang, but we also celebrated two birthdays-- one was Leah Chamberlin's, earlier in the week, and today, we celebrated a birthday AND a brand spankin' new LEAD RECRUITER: ABBY ROSE.

    Here's how we celebrated here at the office:

    (Left to Right: Alex Hoge, Abby Rose)

    Some of you may remember her as Headstand Abby, but to us, she's so much more than an anonymous girl who stands on her head in public places. Here are some kind words from our Division Manager, Ryan Crimmins (he's like, the Gandalf of training recruiters for success here at Workbridge):

    "After deciding to take her talents from the Bay area to St. Lawrence University in New York, she made her decision that she would be the first All American and Hall of Fame Volleyball player to ever come out of the school.  Both goals were attained.  Her next goal when she started with us was to become an Lead Recruiter by her 24th birthday.  Check."

    "She continues to embody what it means to be a true leader- she leads from the front in terms of her numbers, she’s vocal, exciting, engaged, positive, challenged and is always looking for MORE.  She talks to the right people and takes advice from anyone willing to give it up.  [She has] come full circle as a businesswoman by getting different perspectives from different types of people in other regions. "

    Happy Birthday Abby, and Congratulations!!

  • "Asynchronize All The Things"

    Last week, HubSpot Project Engineer Hartley Brody put up a post on his blog called "Asynchronize All The Things," in which he detailed Jeff Seibert's talk at the “Scaling Crashlytics: Designing Web Backends for 100 Million Events per Day” meet-up. He writes about the positives of using RabbitMQ, and goes into a little bit more technical detail than I did on the blog!

    Read Hartley's blog post:

    (Credit: Hartley Brody at

    We love to hear that people are really getting a lot out of our meet-ups. Tech in Motion: Boston is hosting another one next week: "Ultra-Modern Front End Architectures," with speaker Aaron White, CTO of Boundless Learning.

    Hope to see you there!

  • Boston Hosts a Very 'Scalable' Event!

    Last week, Boston Tech hit 1,500 members and Workbridge Boston hosted a wildly successful event called "Scaling Crashlytics: Designing Web Backends for 100 Million Events per Day." It was rated 4.7/5 on

    In true Boston Tech form, there was tons of pizza and networking at the Microsoft NERD Center in Cambridge, MA.

    The very "scalable" pizza came courtesy of The Upper Crust.


    Our friend Lyubo on the left, and Recruiter Scott on the right. You can follow Scott on Twitter at @lobdells if you'd like to chat him up too!

    Something really fun and new about this meet-up was THE MICROSOFT STORE's presence at the event. They showed Techies their latest gadgets and gave out discount cards and raffle tickets, too!

    Here's a Microsoft specialist from the Prudential Center giving out prizes to a winning Techie!

    Here comes the Tech! -- CEO Jeff Seibert spoke to a very curious crowd about backend web architecture. "Over the past 5 years, Seibert has designed, implemented, and scaled cloud-based and distributed processing systems intended to handle 100 jobs per day to 100 Million jobs per day" at his company, CrashlyticsCrashlytics is "the leading provider of real-time crash detection and analysis for mobile applications."

    Lastly, the guy in charge of Marketing (of, like, ALL of Workbridge) Justin Miller announced that Boston Tech is now officially Tech in Motion: Boston, a chapter of our Tech in Motion event series!

    [FYI - It's a major name change, but if you were part of the Boston Tech meet-up group, you won't have to switch over!]

    And here's Boston's Marketing Specialist, Veronica, with Justin and a very large Workbridge banner.

    Make sure you make it to the first official TECH IN MOTION: BOSTON - MEETUP! Details to follow.

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